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Current hours are posted on the entry door and on our recording if you call after store hours.

Regular Hours Monday to Thursday 11 - 7, Friday 11-6, Saturday 12 - 5

Seasonal Hours Hours are may be shortened during the summer. Current hours are posted on the door and store answering machine. Back to School, Permanent Fund and Christmas holiday seasons typically have expanded hours to accommodate our customers.


Mike's Music is located at 12551 Old Glenn Hwy in Eagle River (99577) in the Eagle River Mini Mall. Other business in the mall include Car Quest and Eagle River Pawn.

DIRECTIONS FROM ANCHORAGE:Head north on the Glenn Hwy, take the second Eagle River exit (the exit after Hiland Rd.) Veer right onto the Old Glenn Hwy. which is the main street through Eagle River. Continue past the third traffic light (last one at the Taco Bell) and you will see a large Mike's Music green sign on your right as the road curves slightly.

DIRECTIONS FROM CHUGIAK/PALMER/WASILLA:Head south on the Glenn Hwy, take the north Eagle River (first) exit. Turn left and go over the bridge to the light at the Fred Meyer. Turn right onto the Old Glenn Hwy. Mike's Music will be on your left side as the road curves slightly with a large green Mike's Music sign out front.


Mike's Music accepts VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express as well as cash.


You do not have to return your instrument unless you are planning to cancel your Rent to Own contract. If you plan to play your instrument next school year, then we highly recommend keeping your instrument during the summer so you can practice.

If you are uncertain if you will be playing next school year, we recommend keeping your instrument until you are sure. If you are absolutely sure you will not be playing your instrument any more, then return it.

Returning your instrument will cancel your rent-to-own program contract and you will lose all credit earned toward payoff. Be sure to return by the last open business day of the month to avoid incurring the next monthly rental fee. We are not able to prorate the last month’s rent.


No. There is no penalty for returning your rent-to-own after the minimum rental period.

All our rentals are rent-to-own contracts for your benefit. If you find yourself renting for the full rental period, you will eventually own the instrument. Payments stop automatically when paid off. This saves you the hassle of converting your rental to a rent-to-own and losing credit.


You will need to bring with you a photo I.D. Acceptable forms of identification are an Alaska Driver’s License or Alaska state ID. If you are active military, you may use your current state ID AND your current military ID card. If you need to get your Alaska Driver's License, a DMV is located a short distance from our store.

If you have not rented from us previously, you will need to post a cash deposit of 1/2 the value of the instrument being rented OR we can imprint a current major credit card (not debit card) issued under your name to establish credit and for use as a backup payment method. A debit card can be used for payment(s). Previous customers with good rental payment histories can request the credit card requirement to be waived.

For the credit application you will also want to have:
- Your employment/source of income information, (self employed need business name and business license number)
- Spouse (if you want a joint account or spouse is source of family income)
- Name, address and phone number of a contact person (local is preferred)


If you are active military, you may use your current state ID AND your current military ID card in lieu of an Alaska ID.

In order to rent an instrument you need a photo I.D. If you are not active duty military, acceptable are an Alaska Driver’s License or Alaska state ID. If you need to get your Alaska Driver's License, a DMV is located a short distance from our store.


The cash security deposit requirement (may be paid with a debit card and fully refundable) is 1/2 the retail value of the instrument being rented. This deposit can only be waived by an actual credit card. You can use either a credit or debit card for monthly payments.

VISA and Mastercard are forms of credit/debit cards. A credit card does not have the word 'debit' on it and is issued based on credit approval.


Rent is due the first of the month. After the 5th, a small late fee is charged each month that rent is past due. If you need to pay in person, please come in before closing time of the last day we are open prior to the 6th. Depending upon holidays and store hours, this can be prior to the 5th of the month.

If you are on automatic pay, and your card on file with us is up to date, we will charge it between the 1st and 5th. If it does not charge correctly, there may be a NSF (not sufficient funds) fee as well as a late fee.

If you are not on automatic pay, and we have not received payment for the month, we will charge your card on file with us after the 5th. If it does not charge correctly, there may be a NSF (not sufficient funds) fee as well as a late fee.


If your card is expired, stolen or you know there is some other problem with your card, call us and let us know before we try to charge it.

If you have received a new card and the only change is the expiration date, call us and we can update that over the phone.

If you intend to use a new card or a card with a new number, come into the store as soon as possible so we can take an imprint of the new card and, if necessary, bring your account up to date.

We can do a one time payment over the phone if you cannot come in prior to the 5th, so you won't incur a late fee. Your contract terms do require a current, valid card on file at all times, so please update your card whenever needed.


Rental Accounts: We are not set up for ongoing payments, however we can make occasional exceptions and do a payment over the phone. This is primarily for rental accounts that are either nearing the past due date or overdue.

We are also able to help out of town customers that need items shipped direct to them. Phone orders are typically a convenience for instate customers.


Receipt required on returns - Returns must be new, unopened, with all original packaging (including tags) and in re-sellable condition. Some items are not returnable or may be subject to a restocking fee. Return within 30 days of purchase.

No returns on: Books, instruments (ask about exceptions), open packages, electronic devices. Manufacturer warranties will apply on many items.

Exchanges allowed on educational books provided they are in new, unused and re-sellable condition within 10 days of purchase. No returns or exchanges are allowed on popular music due to copyright laws.

Rentals/Rent to Own: See contract for details.

Current Specials


Overstock, clearance, etc all discounted


All kinds of goodies from books to instruments to pianos to misc accessories. We have new product showing up in late February so we need the display space. Our yearly dilemma is great for our customers needing budget friendly items!

This year we are going to post specific items on Craigslist that have bargain prices. Some single items, once sold, won't be restocked. Pretty much every department will have something on sale/clearance. We'll be adding every week to our item list so check back regularly..

Have your eye on something specific? Call and we'll let you know if that item is on special. No rain checks on closeout items. Regular hours M-Th 11-7, F 11-6, Sat 12-5.


Stop in and browse!


All acoustic Drum sets, drum heads and many hand percussion and drum parts are being closed out..... 25-40%, maybe more, as we clearance to make room for new items.
Looking for a intermediate to pro level band or orchestra instrument or bow? We have several on closeout. Clarinets, flutes, trombones, trumpets, violins, violas, cellos. Some new, some refurbished. Extended payments are available on some upgrade instruments. Bring in your music, mouthpiece/bow and try them out!

Closeout items include a USA made Baldwin baby grand and a Roland micro grand piano. These are floor models and deeply discounted. Don't miss out on a chance to get a factory warrantied floor model at a super price.

If you've ever wanted a Roland Jazz Chorus amp (JC120), we've got new ones priced at $995 and no shipping costs! We also have some clearance guitars and basses to go with them. Stop in and browse, try them out, take one home!

Upcoming Events


Used Instrument Donations

Help us Help Local Music Programs

SUPPORT MUSIC IN OUR SCHOOLS! Mike’s Music instrument drive. The community donates used instruments, Mike’s refurbishes them, donates parts and labor, and gives to local schools.

What started as an anniversary celebration has become an ongoing community project for Mike’s Music. Mike's is giving back to the community that has supported them for over 20 years. Throughout the year, they collect used instruments to donate to the local schools for students who cannot afford to rent or purchase one. Instruments in all conditions are welcome and Mike’s Music donates parts and labor to insure they are in playable condition before giving to the local schools in the Anchorage School District for use in their music programs.

“We have students come in to purchase supplies for instruments they borrow from the schools; I have had so many of them tell me about the awful condition of the few instruments that are available. So, I thought, we can do something about that.” –Katrina Eldred
If you would like more information about this program, please call (694-6453), stop in us at


You know you want one!

Two whole walls of fretted wonder await you!

A huge selection of acoustic, electric and bass guitars is available to try out on our comfy couch. Lots of ukuleles in all sizes, woods and colors are just waiting for your touch!

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