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Contact information is on our recording if you call the store phone.

Regular Hours The retail store is now closed.


Mike's Music retail location is now closed. If you are looking for fixtures, repair tools and items, please email for an appointment to view.


Mike's Music accepts VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. For fixture sales only cash is accepted. Rental accounts in good standing may pay with a check, however, date received at the PO Box is the date used for receipt. To avoid late fees, autopay is the best option.

Rental accounts may also pay by direct deposit. Please call the store number 694-6453 for details.


You do not have to return your instrument unless you are planning to cancel your Rent to Own contract. If you plan to play your instrument next school year, then we highly recommend keeping your instrument during the summer so you can practice.

Returning your instrument will cancel your rent-to-own program contract and you will lose any credit toward purchase. Be sure to return by the last open business day of the month to avoid incurring the next monthly rental fee. We are not able to prorate the last month’s rent.


No. There is no penalty for returning your rent-to-own after the minimum rental period.

All our rentals are rent-to-own contracts for your benefit. If you find yourself renting for the full rental period, you will eventually own the instrument. Payments stop automatically when paid off. This saves you the hassle of converting your rental to a rent-to-own and losing credit.


Mike's Music is no longer doing new rental contracts.


If you need to return your instrument, please contact us at Mike's Music 694-6453. Our last contracts started in early 2019. For most contracts it will be more beneficial for you to pay it off and sell it. However, if you prefer to return it, call or email us and we will give you information for the return.


You can use either a credit or debit card for monthly payments. You may also mail a check, or do a direct deposit from your checking account. Contact us for setting up a direct deposit.


Rent is due the first of the month. After the 5th, a small late fee is charged each month that rent is past due. If we charge credit cards after the 5th due to our server moving, no late fees will be charged as long as the card is not denied.

If you are on automatic pay, and your card on file with us is up to date, we will charge it between the 1st and 5th. If it does not charge correctly, there may be a NSF (not sufficient funds) fee as well as a late fee.

If you are not on automatic pay, and we have not received payment for the month, we will charge your card on file with us after the 5th. If it does not charge correctly, there may be a NSF (not sufficient funds) fee as well as a late fee.


If your card is expired, stolen or you know there is some other problem with your card, call us and let us know before we try to charge it.

If you have received a new card and the only change is the expiration date, call us and we can update that over the phone.

If you intend to use a new card or a card with a new number, call or email us as soon as possible so we can take enter the new information on your account and, if necessary, bring your account up to date.

We can do a one time payment over the phone so you won't incur a late fee. Or you can do a direct deposit or deposit a check in our account to avoid a late fee. However, your contract terms do require a current, valid card on file at all times, so please update your card whenever needed.


Rental Accounts: We are not set up for ongoing payments, however we can make occasional exceptions and do a payment over the phone. This is primarily for rental accounts that are either nearing the past due date or overdue.


The store is closed. Other than active rental contract returns, all sales were final.

Manufacturer warranties will apply on many items.

Rentals/Rent to Own: See contract for details.

Current Specials


Is Over


All items have been closed out.

Web site and phones still operating


We will continue to post up to date information on our store here on the website and on our Facebook page.

Upcoming Events


Thank you for a wonderful 25 years!

The family would like to thank our customers for 25 years of support. Our website, Facebook and phone line will remain active indefinitely. The website will continue to be updated with current contact information.



Regular hours have ceased

Mike's Music retail store is now closed. We have moved the rest of our fixtures still for sale. Contact us for an appointment to view and/or a list of what is still available. Please call 694-MIKE(6453). The phone now rings to a message line when we are not available to answer it. Messages are sometimes garbled, so we recommend an email contact to make return contact more guaranteed. You can also make an appointment by messaging us on Facebook .... Facebook/mikesmusicak or by email

Available are store display, repair tools, repair equipment, repair items, equipment, display hooks, etc.

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