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We offer a wide range of instrument lessons for all expertise levels. These are private lessons, one-on-one with the teacher and the student. Commonly, they are scheduled a half hour a week for beginning students.

LOCATION: Our lessons are located in the studios above the store. There is an exterior door for lessons conducted prior to and after store hours. Parents are welcome to relax in the waiting area, browse our selection downstairs or run errands and pick up their student after the lesson.

RATES/AVAILABILITY: Teachers set their own schedules and pricing. Lessons times are set independent of store hours. Call (694-6453) or email ( us for teacher contact information.


If you don't see your instrument listed, please call. 694-MIKE (6453). We add new teachers as our studio space permits.

Kyle Harrington

Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Ukulele

Kyle Harrington currently teaches guitar and the increasingly popular ukulele.

A ten year veteran at Mike's Music, Kyle teaches beginning to advanced students in acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass and ukulele.
Kyle emphasizes having fun while learning and will adapt lessons to your desired musical style. He loves to play and keeps the energy flowing in his lessons.

Lead guitarist for the popular local band Jolly Good Fellow, Kyle is a talented musician. He currently has two CD's of original music for sale (available at Mike's Music) and is working on a third.
Lessons are conducted in the Mike's Music studios before, during and/or after store hours depending upon the teachers' schedule. For specific times available, call Mike's Music for Kyle's contact information.

Glenn Wilkerson

Piano, Violin, Viola

Glenn Wilkerson currently teaches piano (beginner to intermediate), violin and viola in our studios. Glenn has 12+ years of teaching experience and a master’s degree in performance. He is currently a member of the Anchorage Symphony.

Lessons are conducted in the Mike's Music studios during store hours depending upon the teachers' schedule. For specific times available, call Mike's Music for Glenn's contact information.

NOTE: Many teachers do not teach in the summer months or shorten their schedules. Glenn will not be back teaching until end of summer 2018. Sarah Anderholm is available for piano. Violin and viola are not available until Glenn returns.

Adam Stewart

Violin, Viola, Mandolin, Fiddle

Adam Stewart currently teaches violin, viola, mandolin and fiddle in our studios. An experienced performer with traditional training, he brings a variety of skills to teach all ages.

Lessons are conducted in the Mike's Music studios during store hours depending upon the teachers' schedule. For specific times available, call Mike's Music for Adam's contact information.

Brett Lindsay


Brett Lindsay currently teaches cello in our studios. Brett has been playing over 18 years and teaching over 5 years in his private studio. He teaches individualized lessons to both young and mature players.
He has performed with the National Symphony Orchestra and has attended Interlochen music school. He is an alternate member of the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra. Brett is currently working towards his music degree.

Lessons are conducted in the Mike's Music studios during store hours depending upon the teachers' schedule. For specific times available, call Mike's Music for Brett's contact information.

Looking for another Piano Teacher


Lisa Plunkett has moved out of state on to new adventures leaving room for another piano teacher here at Mike's

If you are interested please email us at with a resume. Glenn will be returning in the fall, however, we have room for two piano teachers.

Lessons are conducted in the Mike's Music studios before, during and/or after store hours depending upon the teachers' schedule.
For specific times available, call Mike's Music for contact information.

Michael Preskitt

Jazz and Orchestral Bass, Cello, Electric Bass

Michael Preskitt has been teaching at Mike's Music for over 10 years.

He teaches beginning to advanced students of all ages. His relaxed style has made him a popular choice. Michael specializes in cello, double bass and electric bass
He is experienced in playing numerous styles of music including classical, jazz, and popular. Currently he is the electric bass player for the popular local band Jolly Good Fellow.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Music with a Music Education Emphasis as well as a Master of Arts in Teaching. Michael is a versatile musician on a variety of instruments.
Lessons are conducted in the Mike's Music studios independent of store hours. Teachers set their own schedules. For specific times available, call Mike's Music for Michael's contact information.

Current Specials

Sale on 'green' tuners

No need for batteries


Regular retail on these is $79. We are closing them out for only $39.95 while they last! Just one of the Garage Sale items for July.

Looking for something you can take camping? Ukuleles are small, fit in those odd spaces in the car and the Watermans are even waterproof!


July is Garage Sale month!


All acoustic Drum sets, drum heads and many hand percussion and drum parts are being closed out..... 25-40%, maybe more, as we clearance to make room for new items. We will be adding new items to the closeout sale through out July long to make room for new product coming in the fall.
Looking for a intermediate to pro level band or orchestra instrument or bow? We have several on closeout. Clarinets, flutes, trombones, trumpets, violins, violas, cellos. Some new, some refurbished. Extended payments are available on some upgrade instruments. Bring in your music, mouthpiece/bow and try them out!

Closeout items include a USA MADE Baldwin baby grand and a Roland micro grand piano. These are floor models and deeply discounted. Don't miss out on a chance to get a factory warrantied floor model at a super price.
Lots of small accessories like strings, reeds, oils, straps.... everything but the bathroom sink... we need that!...If it's been around too long, has repaired freight damage, is a manufacturer closeout or we just got a super deal on it... we've lowered prices to make it hard to walk away from it.

We are digging in all the dark places and adding to the pile every week. Most items will be displayed separately in July. Just look for the sale tag in other areas of the store.
If you've ever wanted a Roland Jazz Chorus amp (JC120), we've got new ones priced at $995 and no shipping costs! We also have some clearance guitars and basses to go with them. Stop in and browse, try them out, take one home!

Upcoming Events


Used Instrument Donations

Help us Help Local Music Programs

SUPPORT MUSIC IN OUR SCHOOLS! Mike’s Music instrument drive. The community donates used instruments, Mike’s refurbishes them, donates parts and labor, and gives to local schools.

What started as an anniversary celebration has become an ongoing community project for Mike’s Music. Mike's is giving back to the community that has supported them for over 20 years. Throughout the year, they collect used instruments to donate to the local schools for students who cannot afford to rent or purchase one. Instruments in all conditions are welcome and Mike’s Music donates parts and labor to insure they are in playable condition before giving to the local schools in the Anchorage School District for use in their music programs.

“We have students come in to purchase supplies for instruments they borrow from the schools; I have had so many of them tell me about the awful condition of the few instruments that are available. So, I thought, we can do something about that.” –Katrina Eldred
If you would like more information about this program, please call (694-6453), stop in us at



Additional closed days will be July 3, 4 and 14th. CLOSED Sunday, Monday. OPEN Tues-Thurs 11-7, Fri 11-6 and Sat 12-5

Need to return an instrument? View our FAQ's for full information. Just a are a monthly fee for any part of the month. Please return by our last open day of the month to avoid the monthly rental fee. Orchestra students: Need to get a larger size? Summer is a great time to practice and get used to a larger size instrument. Stop in or call for full details. A portion of your rental fee paid can be credited toward your larger size rental.

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